Liman Lojistik Services started its operations in 2006 in Mersin with the management partnership of İbrahim GÜNGÖR and Reşit GÜNGÖR. Until now, our company has continuously renewed itself and has achieved to be one of the fastest growing and reliable representatives of the sector with its dynamism coming -creating qualities.


In this process, Liman Lojistik;

Has started to operate in many fields such as Ship Provisioning, Lashing & Unlashing, Loading & Unloading & Forklift Services, Inspection & Certification, Mooring, Imo Labeling and aimed to provide high quality service in these fields.

Liman Lojistik is providing ship supply and repair services to MSC Line, MAERSK Line, ZIM Line, CMA CGM Line, HAPAQ LLOYD Line, NASEEM AL BAHAR GENERAL, ARKAS Line, METZ Line, MCL Line, FEEDER Services Line and continues to cooperate.

We also provide uninterrupted crane supply, steevedoring, field operation and ship surveillance services to LİMAR  and MHC Liman ve Gemi İşletmeleri A.Ş.  of ARKAS HOLDİNG, since 2006

As LİMAN LOJİSTİK, our company has successfully completed field operation and ship operation projects at ASSAN PORT in İskenderun from 2010 to 2016.

MIP (Mersin International Port) is one of our most important references, with both field operation and ship operation successfully since 2013 until today. Long-term partnership with all companies is very valuable for us.

In the days when our country needs more business lines than ever, LİMAN LOJİSTİK started to evaluate all potentials in line with the growing customer demands. After 2009, Liman Lojistik is  accelerated its investments in the agricultural sector; banana, peach and apricot cultivation by exporting under the brand Güngör contributes to the national economy.