Pre-Loading determines the quality and condition of the target load in the survey without being loaded on the ship. In this context, in case an unsuitable situation occurs as a result of the inspections performed by our surveyors, the ship captain is informed and necessary precautions are taken and cargo documents are prepared. Our one-on-one supervision continues throughout the installation.


We share the product quantity counts of our one-to-one ship quay and 7/24 expert company personnel with our business partners as daily summary reports and detailed final report.


The port captain and our colleagues in charge of cargo surveillance service have long-term ship and land experience with the competence of "Far East Captain" and have received high marine training and have practiced this training on high capacity ships. The main duty of the Port Captain and cargo surveillance is to protect the interests of the customers and to transmit the necessary warnings to the parties in order to save time and extra costs. With their high experience, the Port Captain and the cargo surveillance are anticipating undesirable situations while they are on the ship and attract the attention of our customers. With continuous monitoring, they guarantee a fast, safe and effective operation for correct stacking, load separation and correct coupling of the load. This enables safe navigation of the ship and the fastest and hassle-free delivery of cargo at the port of destination. It allows you to be informed of the actual situation on your ship with comments and recommendations supported by daily reports and photos.

Following the completion of the cargo operation, the Port Captain and the cargo shall prepare a detailed report of the work being supervised and forward to you with the following attachments.


We monitor hatch covers, deck equipment and general ship condition for our business partners. We anticipate the problems that the vessel may cause to you during the lease and provide detailed reports so that you can take the necessary measures.


We check the suitability of ship holds for load and loading. We present the report we prepared together with detailed photos.


We conduct on-off hire and optional bunker detection surveys to ensure that marine fuels, which cause huge costs for ship chartering and fleet management companies in international maritime trade, do not cause huge losses for our business partners.


Draft survey is an internationally accepted weighing method used in import and export, especially for loading or unloading dry bulk cargo carried by sea vehicles, based on the principle of buoyancy of water, to find out the weight of the watercraft by means of static calculations. We conduct unbiased and independent draft surveys by our expert surveyors and report them to our business partners.


We do warehouse / tank / manhole seal control, sealing and disassembling operations and report the minutes to you on the request of our business partners.


We supervise your container loadings and evacuations with our expert and experienced personnel and ensure the smooth completion of the operation. We protect your rights with detailed pre-loading photos (full hd) and detailed loading report so that you will not be affected by the claims that may arise during your export transactions during the voyage and evacuation.


Container damage and condition surveys are carried out in accordance with IICL standards, such as damage checks, necessary repairs of found damages and follow-up of the return of the container to use.

Containers are also subject to contaniner rent in / out surveys. Containers spend their entire life in the services of third-party companies they rent out of their owners and are likely to wear out / become damaged during this process. It is important to conduct condition surveys prior to loading of containers that will carry the loads of new tenants in harsh sea / weather conditions in order to prevent damage to the load during transportation.